Throughout the day participants will have the opportunity to listen to talks, visit the exhibitor hall and take part in a range of interactive workshops, including: 

Your Business Future 

Roll up, Roll up for the Future Food and Fashion awards!  Teams of students engage their creative side, developing a fashion or food item of today into a product fit for 2025.  Working with successful entrepreneurs the teams will future proof their product - overcoming shifting consumer trends, resource scarcity, increased regulations and anything else the changing climate may throw at them.  They will enter the product into the Future Food and Fashion Awards, and vote for the most sustainable entry, in terms of people, planet and profit. 

Overall, students will gain an understanding of how putting sustainability at the core of business can enable it to thrive long-term by driving down costs, opening up new markets through innovation, and enhancing reputations and brand value. 

The workshop is delivered by the Director of Just Ideas, Helen Garforth.

We would like to thank the Royal Agricultural University for sponsoring this workshop. The University is a leader in delivering education relating to agriculture, business, and the rural environment. 

Your Innovative Future 

In this Dragon’s Den-style workshop, business mentors will pitch contrasting innovations and teams of students will decide how to invest their £1 million and why through debating and negotiating key questions including: the impact on people and society, the impact on the environment, the potential for the innovations to make money or save money. The teams will go onto pick one of the ‘green’ technologies to creatively advance, thinking to the future.

Overall, students will gain a greater understanding that some of the biggest challenges we face, including climate change, the search for sustainable energy, deteriorating infrastructure and the stresses of rapid population growth demands science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM). 

This workshop is delivered by Graphic Science - the STEM Ambassador contract holder for Bristol, Bath and Gloucestershire. 

Your Energy Future 

Through this workshop, students will work in teams to decide how they can best improve the sustainability of a settlement’s energy use. They will investigate different forms of renewable energy, considering the cost and environmental impact of each. They will also consider the relative potential of different methods for reducing consumption, including both behaviour change and technical measures. Students will also be provided with opportunities to consider the types of job roles that may be relevant when it comes to discussing and implementing the range of possible solutions.

As a result of working through these challenges students will begin to understand that when making decisions we must consider a range of factors - environmental, social and financial - and that we need to implement a range of solutions as no single solution can work to solve all of the issues involved. 

This workshop is delivered by Severn Wye Energy Agency's education team.  

We would like to thank Ubico Ltd for sponsoring this workshop. Ubico is a local authority owned company specialising in environmental services to the public sector.

Your Future Voices

Students will engage in a simulated consultation forum about their own sustainable future. They will work in groups to represent different voices from industry, science, individuals, business and local government. The students will be provided with an outline of a draft Local Climate Plan, and each group will have a briefing about their perspectives. After considering a series of questions, students will go on to debate, negotiate and agree the priorities for an ambitious vision of what can be achieved in this area. 

Overall students will gain an: understanding of the breadth of perspectives in civil society  regarding our sustainable future; know-how for presenting information and points of view clearly and actively listen to others; and confidence to lead dialogue and put forward their own opinion.

This workshop is delivered by InterClimate Network and will tie in with their Climate Voices programme.