Business growth opportunities

Please join us to see ways your organisation can benefit from sustainable energy support within Gloucestershire, and contribute to discussions exploring the future growth of Gloucestershire’s economy.

As a part of the Your Green Future – Gloucestershire event, Severn Wye Energy Agency is facilitating a business networking, knowledge exchange and discussion session, on Tuesday 4 February from 4 to 6.30pm

We would welcome you to attend and find out ways to enhance your own organisation’s sustainability, and give your contribution to discussions that consider Gloucestershire’s economic future, from a sustainability perspective.

Speakers will outline current proposals for developing Gloucestershire’s economy, the opportunities and challenges of benefitting from sustainable growth, and how the economy as a whole can embed sustainability into core business practices.
The outcomes will provide the input for a Local Perspectives and Recommendations Paper that will be strategically disseminated to help inform local decision making on economic strategy, business support and sustainable development.

To sign up please contact 

Why attend? 

  • Showcase how your company is adopting innovative strategies and embedding sustainability into core business. 
  • An opportunity to communicate concerns and solutions back to policy makers 
  • Help unlock the full potential of Gloucestershire’s business in contributing to global priorities
  • Networking opportunities