Sustainable Business

Roll up, Roll up for the Future Food and Fashion awards!  Engage your creative side as you develop a fashion or food item of today into a product fit for 2025.  Work with a successful entrepreneur to future proof your product - overcoming shifting consumer trends, resource scarcity,  increased regulations and anything else the changing climate can throw at you.  You will enter your product into the Future Food and Fashion Awards, and vote for the most sustainable entry, in terms of people, planet and profit. Overall, students will gain an understanding of how putting sustainability at the core of business can enable it to thrive long-term by driving down costs, opening up new markets through innovation, and enhancing reputations and brand value.

This workshop is delivered by the Director of Just Idea’s, Helen Garforth. Helen is a highly experienced facilitator, trainer, researcher and communicator. 

Green Innovation

In this Dragon’s Den-style workshop, mentors will pitch green innovations to student entrepreneurs. The students will invest their "money" according to the impact that the innovation may have on people and planet as well as the economic potential. Mentors will then support students to creatively advance the innovations. Overall, students will gain a greater understanding of how STEM subjects can help create a more sustainable future.

This workshop is delivered by John Rhymer Head of Bishops Wood Centre. Bishops Wood offers a range of programmes for schools and training courses for adult educators focussing on sustainability, biodiversity and Forest School. 


Through this workshop, students will work in teams to decide how they can best improve the sustainability of a settlement’s energy use. They will investigate different forms of renewable energy, considering the cost and environmental impact of each. They will also consider the relative potential of different methods for reducing consumption, including both behaviour change and technical measures. As a result of working through these challenges, students will begin to understand that when making decisions we must consider a range of factors - environmental, social and financial - and that we need to implement a range of solutions as no single solution can work to solve all of the issues involved. Students will also be provided with opportunities to consider the types of job roles that may be relevant when it comes to discussing and implementing the range of possible solutions.

This workshop is delivered by Mark Stead from Severn Wye Energy Agency. Mark works as part of the education team and coordinates a range of education projects for schools, universities and other educational establishments.

Green Jobs

This interactive, discussion-led workshop will tackle key practical questions: What is a green job? Why are they important? How do you get one? And why would you want one? Students will look at how a sustainability job could be right for their skills and attitude, taking a step beyond the usual career advice to talk to real people in green jobs about how they got into their sector and what makes them good at what they do. By the end of the session, students will have an overview of the different options open to them, be enthused about the range of careers on offer, will know what next steps to take  – and will have played Green Jobs Bingo too.

This workshop is delivered by Global Action Plan's, whose mission is to inspire, motivate and equip people with practical and creative solutions taking everyone on a transformative journey to more sustainable living. 

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Students are set a challenge in order to promote discussions about job roles and opportunities with a range of organisations.