Paving the way

…for the creation of a sustainable future

Why Your Green Future is important.

A fantastic day to remind you of the innovation and creativity of today’s youth. It gives the opportunity to plant the seeds of a sustainable future, whilst also drawing inspiration from the children.

The Community Farm

What is sustainability in business and why is it important? Where are our skill shortages? Why are STEM subjects so crucial to our future and how do we encourage students to engage with them?

These are questions regularly being asked by teachers and employers. Your Green Future was developed to address these questions and bridge the gap between the classroom and the real world.

What does Your Green Future do?

Your Green Future is an interactive event which engages hundreds of 11 to 18 year olds with the role of sustainability in the economy and what this could mean for their future careers.

It does this through a series of creative workshops, which see students work with businesses to investigate genuine industry challenges and the role of STEM and sustainability in innovation, business, waste, energy and urban design.

Q. Do you know what a sustainable future means?

1,981 student respondents (2016 – 2017)

Join us and help create a sustainable future.

If your company doesn’t already participate you’re missing out on the chance to be part of something special.


Your Green Future is run by the charity Severn Wye Energy Agency in partnership with a range of stakeholders from local authorities to universities to community groups.

Business involvement at all levels is vital to the programme’s success. We are always looking for businesses to support our work be that through sponsorship or giving time by mentoring at an event.

Visit our business section to find out how you can get involved and be part of something really different!

The numbers count…

16 events

4138 students

175 schools

360 businesses