A great opportunity to engage future colleagues and customers with both sustainability issues and the work we are undertaking as a company.


Help the next generation be part of a sustainable future

We know that industry wants access to students and schools want access to industry, the challenge is often how to bring them together. Your Green Future helps to address this challenge and enables businesses to not only help shape their future workforce but also communicate with them the efforts they are already making and what they (THE STUDENTS) themselves can do to bring about change.

Business involvement at all levels of Your Green Future is vital to its success and we are always looking for businesses to support our programme be that through sponsorship or giving time by mentoring at an event. Take a look below at how you can get involved.


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said Your Green Future gave their organisation the opportunity to promote the skills they need now and in the future.

What are the Benefits

Our programme provides a hands-on and creative opportunity for business and staff with sometimes surprising benefits, please see the full list below:

Skills for the future workforce

Help develop the right skills for a sustainable future, and enthuse a new cohort of leaders who understand the interplay of society, economy and environment.

A tremendous interactive experience for school students making them aware of the need for ‘green’ thinking and the exciting career opportunities towards a sustainable future.

TATA Motors

Skills for your staff

Sharing your expertise and talking to a group of teenagers helps hone that talent of thinking on your feet. The scrutiny of ideas by the students, often posing surprisingly considered questions, provides an opportunity to develop communication skills.

Helps sharpen presentation skills and appreciate your work a lot more when you remove yourself from it for a day – sustainable job satisfaction!

Rolls Royce

Spead the word

A fantastic opportunity to educate attendees on the things that matter to your organisation and encourage sustainably conscious behaviour.

If you have a strong ethical focus/passion this is a perfect way to spread your message, particularly to the younger generation.


Ideas for change

Build connections and gain inspiration for the environmental issues you are tackling through working with diverse audiences, including students who unfettered by practicalities often provide truly novel solutions to problems put to them.

It is a great way to meet colleagues in other industries and see what they are doing to tackle similar issues in the same subject area.

Virgin Trains

Brand exposure

We will work to ensure that sponsor logos are promoted across a wide range of event materials, and are happy to work with you to create a package tailored to your CSR and marketing needs.

It provided us with a platform to promote the work we are doing as a company to continuously drive sustainability throughout our business and engage with our local communities/businesses to help engineer better futures.

Spirax Sarco