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Funding the future

As a charity we rely on sponsorship to make Your Green Future happen, and enable the students to participate free of charge.

It is important to us that our sponsors are recognised for their generosity. Sponsoring all or part of a Your Green Future programme aligns strongly with many current CSR objectives, and identifying with future-focussed companies is at the very heart of what we are about. As a sponsor we would work with you to ensure that your brand identity is visible across a wide range of programme materials, making you the first company that comes to mind for students seeking career opportunities in your field. We are happy to work with you to create a package tailored to satisfy your CSR and marketing objectives.

Our opportunities go beyond brand exposure. For instance, our evaluation framework enables us to gather information from attendees that provide research to support your areas of interest and growth; uncovering trends and patterns by evaluating students’ views on topics as varied as engineering, infrastructure, product development, sustainability and innovation.

As always, partnering with you begins by building a relationship. If you are interested in supporting us please do get in touch, or read on for examples of the sponsorship opportunities we provide.


With sponsorship, no one-size-fits-all. Opportunities include:

1. Sponsor a workshop
Each Your Green Future event sees students participate in a series of innovative workshops, each focussing on a different discipline. Details of these can be found on our how it works page. We are looking for sponsors for each of these workshops.

Your organisation could sponsor a workshop at one event, or a workshop delivered across multiple locations over the course of a year. Options start at £2,000.

How it works

2. Local event sponsor
If you are a business local to one of our events, you might find that local event sponsorship is the perfect way to support schools in your area.

Opportunities range from being our headline sponsor to funding an events business to business networking lunch. We also look for local businesses to provide prizes for the workshops. Options start at £500.

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3. Fund our development work
Central to the success of Your Green Future is the ability to continually develop the programme to feature current trends, new developments and fresh opportunities.

In order to meet the needs of businesses and schools in a fast-changing landscape, we need sponsors willing to invest in the long-term sustainability of the programme itself!

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  • Solihull Council

    Active sponsor of Your Green Future
  • Event: Solihull 2018

Solihull Council supports YGF because it offers local students a fantastic, highly interactive opportunity to learn about the role sustainability plays in our transition to a low carbon economy and the many exciting career opportunities that exist in the sustainability sector.