This event was really valuable for our organisation and also the wider community, I'd love to see more of these types of opportunities for young people.

Environment Agency

About this event

Date: 7–8 March 2018

Hosted by: Solihull College Conference Centre

Key info.

Returning to Solihull for a fourth year, our 2017 event ran like a smooth, well-oiled machine!

Students took part in a series of locally adapted workshops that included developing a sustainable local energy plan as well as creating a truly sustainable development at the HS2 Arden Cross site.

In our Your Business Future workshop students designed some extraordinarily products, if only they could find a developer, the sustainable trainer made from recycled materials that included integrated mini wheels for electricity generation and a ‘Fit Bit’ type feedback mechanism. Alternatively there was Bamboozle, something new for the world of construction, a bamboo-based product that could be used for pipe work, bringing natural strength, resilience and a carbon neutral status to the market.

For articles on International Women’s day, the role of local engineers, and our Business Star (Network Rail), please visit the Noticeboard.

Delivery Team

Engineering UK, Rotary, Solihull Council, Solihull College, Soropotomist, Greener Solihull for Success

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100% of businesses said the event gave their organisation the opportunity to promote the skills they need now and in the future.

The numbers count…

296 students

51%M 49%F gender

14 schools

28 businesses

I have reconsidered some career choices to make my future greener.


91% of students left the event with a better understanding about what choices they can make to lead a more sustainable life.

A very engaging and fantastic day!