I enjoyed listening to the students coming up with some wacky ideas, it made me realise how much they are currently under-estimated.


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Date: N/A

Hosted by: University of the West of England

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Held at the inspirational Department of Architecture and the Built Environment at UWE, our West of England Your Green Future, at 6 years old, is our longest running event.

This year saw Jaguar Land Rover and Mott MacDonald go head to head to win the student Dragon’s £1 million, pitching concepts for high performance EV’s and a bridge to better connect Bristol harbour and encourage more cycling and walking.

Students were obviously inspired by Mott MacDonald’s bridge ideas as they reappeared in the Your Future City workshop as plans to develop a living bridge, utilising essential city infrastructure as useful growing space for food crops. This was to help overcome the big question of how cities will feed themselves in the future.

Delivery Team

University of the West of England, South Gloucestershire Council, North Somerset Council, Rotary

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100% of businesses said the event gave their organisation the opportunity to promote the skills they need now and in the future.

The numbers count…

326 students

58%M 42%F gender

12 schools

28 businesses

I enjoyed listening to the students, it made me realise how much they are under-estimated in their ideas for the future.


Engaging, relevant to new GCSE’s and a superb way for students to meet possible employers and educators.


80% of students left the event with a better understanding about what engineering is.