Plan our future energy needs & deliver them today.

In a nutshell

Students work with a diverse range of businesses to develop a sustainable energy plan for either Snowdonia National Park or Greater Birmingham and Solihull.

They investigate the use of different renewable energy technologies as well as the value of introducing energy efficiency measures. Students also considered the types of job roles that may be relevant when it comes to implementing their chosen solutions.

As a result of working through these challenges, students gain a better understanding that when making decisions a whole range of factors need to be considered; environmental, social, financial and that a invariably an assortment of solutions will be required.

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Severn Wye Energy Agency

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I was inspired to hear the kids ask questions and interact around issues of sustainability, amazing to hear them asking the same questions my colleagues do!

Morgan Sindall

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Student question:

“Which industries do you think are involved in a sustainable economy?”






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