Network Rail – our latest star!

I enjoyed the incredible range of ideas young people generated in the workshop. I felt that because they were able to think with fewer restrictions they came up with more ideas!

Network Rail

A star in the making

We are lucky to have a long list of businesses who support Your Green Future events year on year, with many taking part in several events across the country—Jaguar Land Rover, Lush, and Balfour Beatty to name a few.

We would like, however, to take our hats off to Network Rail, who is the first business to take part in all 4 of our current event locations bravely taking on the student Dragons at each of our Your Innovative Future workshops as well as battling waste by supporting the Your Resourceful Future workshop. In the Innovation workshop Network Rail teams really got into the spirit of things and revelled in the competitive element of the workshop, working hard to ensure that not only did they win the students fictional investment but that the students also really understood the importance of the sustainability aspect of their project.

We were really pleased to hear that the Oxford team were shortlisted for their internal sustainability awards following their role in the Your Innovative Future workshop, it’s great to know that all the work our mentors put in is appreciated not just by us but by their employers too.