The world can be a better place if you put your heads together!


Our driving force

Legislation, including the Paris Climate Conference, UN Development Goals and the UK Industrial Strategy, commit the UK to tackling climate change.

We believe successful implementation of these strategies require engagement, and collaboration, with a broad coalition of stakeholders, including civil society and the private sector. We need to create on the ground action.
Young people are crucial to this; they are the next generation of employers, employees, policy makers and citizens, yet our research highlights that whilst sustainability, climate change, waste and energy, are all terms that our students are familiar with and recognise as important they do not understand their use in the wider world.
In response to this knowledge gap Your Green Future is designed to explore the global sustainability issues and, using a community approach, translates them into issues that are important to the student’s local area. In doing so, the programme strives to enthuse a new cohort of leaders who not only implement sustainable change now but also in the future. 
We would like to deliver this sustainable education programme to as many students as possible. Interested? Then please do get involved.

The Challenge

Depth, breadth and application of sustainability

An understanding of sustainable development was identified as one of the biggest skills missing from the average graduate.

(EUAC, 2017)

Our Solution

The Your Green Future programme is designed to showcase the breath of sustainability in the economy, as well as helping students to adapt a more sustainable approach to their own lives.

87% of students*

left the events knowing what a sustainable future means, compared with just 35% on arrival.

*1981 student respondents (2016 – 2017)

The Challenge

STEM skills shortage

By 2050 there will be a 40% shortfall in the UK supply of graduate – level engineers.

(Royal Academy of Engineering)

Our Solution

At Your Green Future events students, of all ages and interests, work alongside engineers providing them with an insight into the hugely diverse role STEM plays in their everyday lives, but most importantly the role it will have in the future and the role they can play in being a part of that.

81% of students*

left YGF with a better understanding about what engineering is.

*1981 student respondents (2016 – 2017)

The Challenge

Limited knowledge of future careers

“With employers reporting difficulties in filling skilled job vacancies at a time when high levels of youth unemployment persist, the need to take sustained action to improve career guidance is more pressing than ever.”

Lord Sainsbury, Settlor, The Gatsby Charitable Foundation

Our Solution

Through encounters with businesses Your Green Future exposes students to a huge breadth of careers available. Work related communication, decision making and problem solving are also a focus for enhancement. Find out more on our schools page.

93% of students*

said YGF
 opened their eyes to the wide range of jobs available to them.

*1981 student respondents (2016 – 2017)