Engaging, relevant to GSCE’s and thought provoking... also a superb way for students to meet possible employers.


Education is key for a sustainable future

Our Your Green Future events are run for students between Years 7 – 13 and are open to all schools in an event location. The events are free to attend with schools attending on one of the event days from 9am to 3.15pm.

These events involve students taking part in a series of fun and interactive workshops which you can explore here. These workshops help students visualise a path that could enable them to reach their potential, guiding those on the cusp of choosing GCSE, A’ level or university subjects by raising their awareness and aspirations of the many different jobs available and the routes to achieving them.

If you are an interested school please check out our upcoming events page and see if there is an event coming up in your area. If we are not yet in your area, but you would be interested in taking part in an event please get in touch as we like to expand the programme into areas where there is a demand.


of 901 students

said the event opened their eyes to the wide range of jobs related to sustainability.

What are the Benefits

Our programme provides a wide range of hands-on and creative opportunities for young people. Take a look at the benefits below:

Applying sustainability

Through Your Green Future, students work with businesses and develop a broad range of knowledge and skills relating to sustainability and how this applies this to real-life situations.

A great event to open up your students’ eyes to the opportunities available in a wide variety of careers – though the theme was low carbon future, the message that got through to my students was that whatever industry they go into they should consider the impact it will have on the environment and do their best to minimise any negative impacts.


Promoting STEM

Many young people fail to see the relevance of STEM-related careers to their everyday lives. YGF events link STEM to things young people are interested in and as a result, opens it up to a new audience.

The project provides a diverse range of role models, extending beyond the usual stereotypes. Girls in particular are more likely to consider STEM careers if they can see creativity; women also tend to have greater affinity with engineering when connected to social and environmental issues.

YGF emphasises using STEM creatively to solve the world’s problems, aiming to develop the creative talents and innovative abilities of many young people who do not fit the obvious engineering archetype.

Hugely worthwhile in promoting STEM in both further education and careers. All students found the sessions engaging and there was something for every interest and ability.


Developing skills

As well as developing a greater understanding of the skills required to succeed in the world of work, students develop a wide range of transferrable skills that they are able to utilise in their curriculum work and across wider contexts.

Your Green Future has proven to enhance skills in team work (82% of 901 students in 2017), decision making (82%), communication (78%) and problem solving (79%).

Students also increase their self-confidence as a result of working on a project with clear positive outcomes and through having their voices heard. They see that they really do have the power to make a difference both to their school and the wider world.

A great way of getting students working together to think about their future and the future of the planet. Great for team working, problem solving and presentation skills too!


Enhancing the National Curriculum

Through Your Green Future students develop knowledge and skills across a range of curriculum areas, notably programmes of study for science, geography, PSHE, IT, English and mathematics.

They apply these skills to real-life situations providing a true context for their work. Your Green Future also takes a cross-curricular approach, highlighting the links between subjects and demonstrating the range of knowledge relevant to addressing sustainability issues.

There were lots of relevant cross curricular links between Geography and Science on creating sustainable futures.


Career Guidance

Your Green Future provides career guidance that not only inspires students towards further study but enables them to make informed decisions about their future, including around careers they may not have considered. 

We aim that students achieve better outcomes in the labour market and reduce the chance of individuals becoming NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training). 

Your Green Future is designed to support the Gatsby benchmarks including: information about study options and labour market opportunities; opportunities to learn from employers about work, employment and skills that are valued in the workplace and; encounters with further and higher education.

One of our students was encouraged to apply for a work experience placement with a company he was really interested in—maybe this will be a life changing event for him